I love my Whill.

—Christina V., Phoenix, AZ

"I love my Whill. It has a tiny footprint and a very small turning radius, which allows me to get into many spaces I was not able to in my previous larger power chair. It’s nimble and light weight, yet it still feels very secure and stable. I can race across the lawn with the kids and not worry about divets and slopes. I have also used a 3-wheeled scooter in the past because it allowed me into smaller places than my large power chair but I tipped over fairly frequently and it had become too dangerous to use. This is the perfect combination of small and nimble but steady and powerful. I’ve also had numerous people stop me to check out my chair with awe; wanting to know how I appear to float sideways when I turn, or about the unusual design of the wheels, or sleek styling. I’ve used chairs for almost 10 years and this is by far the best!"