I have my freedom back.

Suzi R., Phoenix, AZ

"I live in Arizona and my friend lives in Colorado. Thanks to the WHILL I can visit her. I haven't gotten on an airplane to travel anywhere for over eleven years. I could take my old wheelchair on an airplane, but once I got to Colorado I would be stuck. Now she can pick me up at the airport and we can go wherever we want. Also I can stay at her house instead of a 'accessible' motel room because the WHILL can navigate much smaller spaces. With my old wheelchair I wouldn't be able to use her bathroom.

In day to day life the WHILL gives me a lot more self-confidence. It doesn't look like a piece of medical equipment. This is the first time I enjoy people asking me about my wheelchair. When I go out to eat I can pull right up to the table, this way I don't get food all over myself.

They are re-paving the parking lot in my apartment complex, with my old wheelchair wouldn't have made it over the bumps. Thanks to the WHILL I have my freedom back. "