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Service and repair are an important part of what we do!

If you ever need WHILL Chair service — including battery replacement or a tire change — call New Tech Mobility. We provide service and repairs to our customers for the entire life of their mobility device. We will diagnose the problem and work to quickly repair whatever is going on with your mobility chair. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or need help troubleshooting an issue with your device, just contact us!


Our service technicians can help with:

  • Battery maintenance

  • Tire repair and replacement

  • Upholstery repair

  • Replacement parts

  • And more!

WHILL Chairs do not contain any parts that you can service on your own, which means you shouldn’t attempt to repair your mobility device on your own. That’s what our New Tech Mobility WHILL Chair service technicians are for!

However, you can — and should — clean your WHILL mobility chair when needed. Simply wipe the mobility device with a wet cloth or rag. Use only water to clean your device and scrub vigorously to remove scuffs or stains.

Battery Maintenance

The Model A WHILL Chair uses two sealed, non-spillable lead acid (AGM) batteries that require no maintenance. These batteries can only be replaced by a WHILL service provider, like New Tech Mobility. Do not attempt to change these batteries on your own! Instead, contact us and we’ll replace your mobility device’s battery quickly and correctly.

The Model Ci runs on a Lithium-Ion battery built specifically for these mobility devices. You can change this battery on your own and also order spare batteries to increase your range.

Replacing Tires

Your tires are going to eventually need to be replaced, especially if you’re taking your WHILL Chair off-road! You should check your tires regularly for signs of wear and contact New Tech Mobility if you see any issues with the tire.

Your tires shouldn’t make any noise or vibrate when you drive your mobility device. They should also not have any deformation or flat spots. In order for the wheels to function at peak capacity, the rubber thickness on the rollers should not be less than 3mm thick

New Tech Mobility

We know that the WHILL Chair isn’t for everyone, but it is for our founder Doug! He’s a proud WHILL user and values the balance of comfort, safety, and style that the WHILL brings to his life. If you’re interested in seeing if the WHILL is right for you, schedule a test drive today!

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