Meet The WHILL Chair

There’s a reason why our founders Doug and Dorene Mykol have chosen to sell WHILL Personal Electric Vehicles from their Scottsdale business — they know firsthand the life-changing impact a sleek, lightweight, electric wheelchair can make in a person’s life. In today’s blog, we’ll be providing you with an in-depth look at the WHILL models so you can have a better understanding of what type of mobility chair fits your needs and lifestyle. If you’d like to learn more about Doug and Dorene’s story, visit on our About page. And if you’d like more information or need to order a WHILL, contact us today!


According to the manufacturers website, WHILL is “bringing a fresh perspective to personal mobility with an innovative design and state-of-the-art technology — creating the confidence to drive anywhere with unprecedented independence and style.” We think they say it well!

WHILL Chairs are designed to help you explore the world while being in complete control. One of the best features of their lightweight wheelchair is the WHILL-patented omni-wheel technology that clear obstacles of up to three inches and drive easily over rough or loose surfaces.

Model Ci - Ultra-Portable

The model Ci has a compact frame and smaller footprint than most other mobility devices on the market, which allows you to move easily through tight spaces. The Model Ci is a lightweight wheelchair that is easy to disassemble and transport in any car — including ones with a small truck (or no trunk at all!). The electric wheelchair is made of three lightweight components and can be taken apart in less than ten seconds!

And like any model of WHILL Personal EVs, this electric wheelchair has embedded technological innovations like Bluetooth controls and cellular connectivity. You can use the iPhone and Android app to remotely drive, unlock/lock, and choose a drive mode. The app can also let you know how the chair is doing battery-wise and whether you should have it serviced. You can even charge your phone from your electric wheelchair!

The Model Ci does what a good electric wheelchair should do — enable you to go anywhere your heart desires. The WHILL Chair is ergonomic, simple, safe, and secure. Learn more and shop New Tech Mobility Scottsdale on our product page.

Model A - Indoor/Outdoor Mobility

You can think of the Model A as your all-terrain wheelchair. Along with the features of the Ci like lightweight components, smaller footprint, and a tight turning radius, the Model A adds powerful outdoor capabilities.

The Model A is a bit more pricey — about twice as much as the Model Ci — but if you’re looking for a mobility chair that you can go hiking with or drive up a grassy hill at the park, then this model is for you! The wheels have a larger obstacle clearance (three inches instead of two) and there is a second battery to take you further. The maximum speed is also slightly faster, allowing you to cruise at 5.5mph.

Our customers have said that their WHILL has shifted their mindset from thinking about where they can’t go to thinking about where they want to go. And, we always say that needing personal mobility assistance doesn’t mean it can’t be done with ease, style, and comfort.

New Tech Mobility Scottsdale

Our mission is to provide unique, powerful mobility solutions to Scottsdale and the larger Mountain West region. WHILL chairs are engineered to fit within and support the rhythms of your life. Their features and technology are like no other electric wheelchair on the market, and you can trust us when we say it can change your life. Schedule a test drive or order your own WHILL today!