How To Advocate For Workplace Accommodations

While workplace accommodations are required by ADA law for anyone who has a disability, it can sometimes be difficult to get your employer to make the necessary accommodations you need to do your job. It can also be challenging to even begin the conversation, which is why in today’s blog we’ll be taking you through the process of requesting — and receiving — workplace accommodations.

Your workplace should be ADA accessible, and if it is not, it’s your employer’s job to make accommodations, whether that means making the facilities accessible for electric wheelchairs like the WHILL models that we provide our customers, acquiring equipment, providing interpreters, or any other responsible accommodation you need to do your job. Continue reading to learn more, and if you’re interested in purchasing or test driving a WHILL chair in Scottsdale or the greater Mountain West region, you can browse our models from New Tech Mobility here.

Know The Accommodations You Need

Every workplace is different, so the accommodations you will need may very from job to job. When you are interviewing, or during the first few weeks of the job, assess what accommodations you need to do your job more effectively. Know that under the ADA you can disclose your disability at any time — and your employer is legally required to make reasonable accommodations.

Research Accommodation Options

Organizations like The Job Accommodation Network have resources and people that can help you find the accommodation options that will best fit your needs. Sometimes it’s hard to know what type of solution is feasible and reasonable, but luckily you’re not the only one who has had to find accommodations in the workplace! Others have used electric wheelchairs in their workplace and you can benefit from their experiences.

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Make Your Request

When you do make your official request for accommodations — whether it be a smaller request like an adjustable desk or a more extensive request, like installing a ramp or lift for your electric wheelchair — you must disclose your disability, the accommodations you need, and the modifications your workplace needs to make in order to meet those needs. You should have this conversation in person, but it’s good to have a written request, so that you have a copy of what you have asked for that you can refer to later.

What To Do If Your Employer Ignores Your Request

If your employer ignores your request, your next step is to go to someone with higher authority, like HR, a union rep, or EEOC officer. You can also file a complaint under the ADA. They can help you assess your situation and see if you need to involve a lawyer.

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