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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Accessible

Here at New Tech Mobility, we’re proud to be a part of the movement to make the world more accessible for those with mobility challenges. It’s one of the reasons we decided to provide our customers with the WHILL Chair. It’s state-of-the-art technology and design is giving people around the world the freedom to go wherever they want to go. Whether that’s navigating tight corners in your home or traveling on a dirt trail through the forest, the WHILL is the electric wheelchair that can get you there. Learn more about what the WHILL can do for you!

Even with WHILL’s mobility solutions, spaces like homes and offices do need to be made accessible for electric wheelchairs. In today’s blog post we’ll be sharing 5 ways you can make your home accessible for everyone who comes through the door.

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1. Rearrange Furniture

Our first suggestion is relatively easy — arrange your furniture in a way that is conducive to electric wheelchairs. This may be as easy as moving a few pieces around to clear a path or it could be more labor intensive, like removing cumbersome pieces and replacing them with more accessible furniture.

2. Install a Stair Lift

If your home does have a large staircase, you may find that it’s necessary to install a stair lift. They come in a wide variety of styles, so that you can choose one that fits your needs and your decor. Stair lifts turn multi-level homes into accessible homes for those who use an electric wheelchair.

3. Install Press Lever Handles

Most doorknobs present a challenge because they can be difficult to use if you have a hard time gripping. This problem is easily solved by replacing knobs with lever handles or push/pull bars. If you can afford to install automatic doors, they’ll increase accessibility even more.

4. Replace Stairs With Ramps

Stairs are a hazard for many people, not just those in electric wheelchairs. However, most homes have stairs somewhere in the design. Even if there isn’t a staircase or second floor inside, most homes have a few steps up to the front door or from an interior landing to the kitchen or living room.

You don’t need to pour concrete to replace stairs with ramps. There are plenty of portable ramps that you can take with you to quickly make an entryway accessible. You can also find indoor and outdoor home ramps that you can install permanently at your home.

5. Remove Bathroom Barriers

Bathrooms are one of the most hazardous rooms in a house. Tiles and tubs become slick, and countertops can be dangerous for those who are prone to falling. Bathrooms with tubs are especially challenging because they have tall sides, making them a difficult barrier to cross. If you have a tub in your home, you can install a step in the tub and a chair and arm rail within the tub to make it safer and reduce the risk of falling.

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New Tech Mobility

Making your home accessible takes time and money. But there are many ways to make your home more accessible for those with disabilities. If you have any questions about how you can make your home more accessible for the WHILL Chair, our electric wheelchair experts are here to help. Our hope, whether you buy a WHILL Chair or not, is that your home feels safe, comfortable, and accessible for all who enter.